Service Docs allows you to create fully interactive documentation from a Guzzle service description.

Guzzle is a superb HTTP client; you can learn more about Guzzle service descriptions in the documentation.

Get the code

Service docs is on GitHub; there you can clone the repository, download a ZIP, and report any issues you discover.

View the Service Docs repo.

Get set up

Setting up Service Docs is super simple, there are just three steps.

  1. Add a vhost pointing to:

  2. Install the dependencies from your console:

    php composer.phar install
  3. Generate the HTML:

    ./bin/console generate:html /path/to/service.json public

That’s it! To make API calls from within Service Docs you’ll also need to create and populate a config file. You can learn more about that in the READ ME.

Check out the demo

You can try out Service Docs in all its glory. The HTML in the demo has been generated from the service description in this gist.

View the demo.